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Scratchcards don't you just love them? They seem to be all over the place these days, scratch cards for winning cars, scratch cards for winning holidays, scratch cards for winning cash. Most of them though seem to carry a catch with their scratch. Which varies from this is not really a scratch card at all but a way of getting a few quid off you for some fraudulent activity; true there was a £50,000 first prize but that's gone: better luck next time.

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Which is why,when you come across a scratch card game that offers you a better chance of winning a Big Cash prize, with no catches because they tell you exactly what you're playing for it's worth finding out more about.


click to enter is an online scratch card site which offers a great selection of online scratch card games, this is virtual entertainment that costs just a few pounds a month to play, but offers you a 3 - 1 chance of hitting the big prize of up to £100, 000, those odds are far better than the lottery and are well worth taking a chance on.

The games are not just scratch three numbers and win.

Because they are online you have the fun of virtual gaming with the added bonus of winning money.

The graphics for games such as World Cup Football maybe simple but the game play is very compulsive, penalty shoot outs have always been exciting but now there's a chance to score with cash as well.

Classic games such as French Roulette are also given the scratch card treatment and use the scratch match cash formula. Together with another ten varieties of games like Slot Fantasy,Slot Super 7, Zodiac Rules, Mega Safe, Bowling, Red Genie, & Genie, Golden Island, Treasure Island, & Fantasy Forest.

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Players can feel entertained and can play when, and how they want to once their registration is complete, (find out here) then they can enter the games lobby and start playing right away. There's no download procedure its instant entertainment and sometimes instant cash.

Players can start off playing for fun, but where's the fun in that? Real Money play is where the fun really begins.

Prime ScratchCards have been designed to be played quickly so as to keep the player's attention span focused, there is no long drawn out explanation on what to do,simply enter the games lobby, pick the game that you want to play and off you go.

Players have to be aware that to play in Real Money there has to be real money in the account naturally! Then it's a simple click on Real Money Play to start the ball rolling or kicking. Enter Real Money play click now

Depositing and withdrawing cash is fairly standard for online gaming sites, and Prime ScratchCards are no exception, with several options to choose from. Credit cards such as Visa, and MasterCard, as well as payment services like Netteller and Firepay are the more popular ways to deposit cash into your account, with the idea being to build up your funds, so that players can make the promotional bonuses that are paid out from time to time.

Daily play is the best way to achieve this, plus it also keeps the momentum going with the choice of games on offer. One stipulation is that only NON US players are eligible to play Prime ScratchCards, this follows the recent Unlawful Gaming Act passed in the USA for US players.

What Prime ScratchCards have looked to do is to take the basic elements of a scratch card and turn it online, to offer a, much more exciting and entertaining and fun way to play.

What Prime ScratchCards have achieved is a fast and entertaining way to play online games that requires little or no effort to get started, little or no effort to play, but offers an exciting and potentially lucrative way to be entertained.

Scratching is never going to be the same again. Start today


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